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Inv wheat Wheat 3
Inv wheat seeds Wheat Seeds


Wheat seeds are items used to grow wheat. They were added in the Vamos a la Playa update. Wheat seeds spawn naturally in the forest, and can be mined by players by hitting them. In order for them to grow wheat, a player has to plant the wheat seeds after mining them. They can be planted anywhere in the forest and do not require a fire to be planted. They can also be planted in the winter or ocean, using a plant plot (a bridge is needed when in ocean or lake)


When planted, wheat seeds look like normal seeds, but differently colored. Planted wheat seeds grow into wheat around every five seconds or so, making it a good source of food. They will be reverted to a planted seed when the wheat is harvested.

Wheat seeds will grow into harvestable wheat 20% faster when grown in a plant plot, 20% faster when using a peasant's tunic, and 40% faster when using a winter peasant's tunic (effects from tunic and plant plot stack).

Wheat seeds have a limited amount of health, and last longer when harvested by hand, instead of tools or weapons. If not damaged in any way, wheat plants naturally de-spawn after 8 days.

Every minute or so, wheat dries up. When a wheat plant is dried up, it will no longer be able to grow back when harvested. Dried wheat plants can be replenished by watering them with a full watering can.

Natural wheat seed in forest biome

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Wheat seeds can be crafted manually, using 3 wheat and a heat source.

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