The Winter is a biome that was added in the "Winter Is Finally Here" update. It is above the Forest and covers approximately 1/5 of the map. The winter has 2 tree borders, one on the west and one on the east facing the ocean, with a small hole at the top of the east one for easier access to the Lava Biome. The winter is the coldest biome in, and as such, it is almost impossible to stay alive without using any warming items such as Chapkas or Fires. The winter is the higher stage for advanced players to obtain high tier resources, such as Diamond, Amethyst, Dragon Heart and Mammoth Fur.


  • There are fewer players and bases in the winter than the forest, meaning players can focus more on survival than clashing with savages and noobs.
  • You can get resources more easily there due to how large the biome is, and because of the lack of players.
  • The winter contains more powerful resources that are easily accessed from a winter base. You will also be able to obtain resources where you cannot find anywhere else, such as winter fur, mammoth fur, and dragon hearts, which are vital for high-tier chapkas and dragon swords/spears/bows.
  • Anywhere in the winter, even in the cave, digging with a shovel will give you ice cubes, which you can craft with a bottle and a heat source into water bottles. This means that you can quench your thirst anywhere in the winter.


  • The winter is extremely cold. Therefore, it is recommended to use a chapka, and to have plenty of fires in your inventory to place down in emergencies.
  • There are no naturally spawning plant seeds, so a player would have to bring them over from the Forest, along with dirt for a plant plot in order to be able to plant anything.
  • Winter mobs are harder than those in the forest, and can be challenging to kill without the right technique and equipment. Because of this, food can be a greater problem. Also, dragons can make cave bases hard to create and maintain without an Explorer's Hat.
  • The player movement speed is reduced by 20% here due to the snow. This increases the overall difficulty of every aspect of gameplay in the winter.
  • The only sources of water in the winter are the hole in the wall near the cave that opens up to the ocean and the ice cubes that you can harvest from the ground using a shovel. This can make the process of getting water slower and harder.
  • Blizzard is a condition that occasionally occurs in the winter. During blizzards, players not standing under a roof or in the cave receive damage every tick. Amount of damage varies based on what level of cold protection the player is wearing.



The Cave

The cave is located in the top left edge of the biome. The cave is guarded by over 5 dragons. Amethyst and Dragon Heart resources can be obtained in the cave, as long as the player avoids being killed by the dragons in the cave. Most players block off the dragons by using walls for safe passage into the cave, and if they intend to kill the dragons, they usually trap a dragon and hit it through the walls by using a spear. However, if using this method, players should use high-tier walls and/or a wrench, as dragons will destroy structures. When players don't intend to use walls, they use an explorer's hat to get to the amethyst. Note that the mob-calming effect of the explorer's hat is disabled for a few seconds every time a player left-clicks.


Even with a coat, the heat loss is about as much as wearing nothing during the night in the forest. Also, the polar bear and the arctic fox have a lot of HP and are very dangerous, as the biome is in general. Make lots of campfires, full gold tools, and try not to die!

In the winter there are supplies of every deposit that currently exists, except for Reidite. It should be noted that most trees inside of the Winter Biome will only give about 25-40 wood each, so it is a good idea to get as much wood as you can beforehand to make fires instead of relying on trees inside of the winter.

If there is no inventory space prior to entering the winter to hold extra gold for making diamond tools, there are large amounts available inside of the center of the biome to mine.

The only way to obtain food inside of the winter is by killing arctic foxes and polar bears for meat, but this is not recommended for inexperienced players who don't know how to kill them. A good idea to make sure that you have enough food for an expedition is to set up a farm in the forest for berries, and obtain at least 200-300 of them.

Since there are no lakes in the winter, it is advised to bring water bottles and shovels to mine ice cubes and convert it to water.

Also, bring lots of campfires and roofs to battle the cold.


  • The name tag turns dark blue when a player goes into the winter.
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