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Inv Cap and scarf.png Cap & Scarf
Inv winter hood.png Winter Hood
Inv winter peasant tunic.png Winter Peasant's Tunic
Inv sled.png Sled
Inv boat.png Boat

Winter Fur, not to be confused with the quest reward 'White Wolf Fur,' is the fourth tier of fur. It is dropped by mobs found in the Winter biome (Arctic Foxes drop 1 and Polar Bears drop 2).


When farming for fur, players must at least have two available inventory slots as the raw meat will be prioritized over the fur.

It's recommended to use a golden spear/sword or better when engaging in a fight with a Arctic Fox, and a diamond spear/sword or better when engaging in fight with a Polar Bear.

Keep a good distance. They both have high health and high damage and they can outrun you without proper technique. Circling around a fire is a good strategy.

More Information

You need 2 Winter Fur to make a Sled and a Boat, 5 for the Cap & Scarf, 10 for the Winter Peasant's Tunic, 15 for the Winter Hood.

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