The most common of the aggressive mobs, the Wolf runs towards the player upon sight and will not stop until its path is obstructed or the player is far away.

A Wolf is slower than the player, easy to outrun, and deals damage when on top of the player. The wolf does substantial damage - around 1/5 of the player's health bar, but with decent gear the wolf is an easy kill.

Upon its death, the player will receive two pieces of raw meat and one wolf fur. Wolf fur is required to make the backpack, coat and IKEA manual, making it a valuable mid-game item.
Mob Wolf

Old texture

Wolves can be easy sources of food at mid-game.


Wolves can be killed simply by constantly holding down the left mouse button (with a sword or spear equipped) and moving only in one direction.

Avoid getting in trouble with a spider and a wolf at the same time. If the spider traps you, the wolf and the spider can hit you for 2 seconds at least, and you will probably die without a good protection and technique.

More Information

  • Currently,wolf have 2 texture skin. ---> ( old texture since when the game only have forest map ) .

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