Wood is the first resource players can obtain. It is the most basic and common material in starve.io and is used in nearly every early recipe. Wood can be gathered by hitting trees, which can be found commonly in forest, winter, ocean islands and desert. Using pickaxes instead of the bare hands will collect more wood per hit.

Trees appear in different shapes and sizes, depending on which biome the player is in. Trees can be out of wood if it is mined by player. However, they can regenerate resources like other resource deposits and wood is the fastest of regeneration. Bigger trees also contain more wood.

  • Trees in the forest:

Tree1.png Tree2.png Tree3.png Tree4.png Tree5.png

  • Trees in the winter:

World fir big.png World fir medium.png World fir small.png

  • Trees on islands and desert:



Wood can be used for many purposes, however, the primary purpose is for crafting. Wood is required to craft lower and middle tier utilities.

Wood is used to craft:

Other uses can be:

Type of Tool Wood collected per hit
Hand 1
Wooden Pickaxe 2
Stone Pickaxe 3
Golden Pickaxe 4
Diamond Pickaxe 5
Amethyst Pickaxe 6
Reidite Pickaxe 7

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