The wooden spear is a tool/weapon used for damaging entities within the world. It does less damage than a wooden sword, but has a longer attack range/reach and can attack from far away. The wooden spear can be used to hunt rabbits, but is not recommended for PvP or fighting other mobs, due to it dealing a very low amount of damage.

Wooden spear was added in the Merry Christmas update.

More Information

Crafting Station
Not required
Item(s) Amount
Inv wood Wood 40
New inv spear wood Wooden Spear
Wooden spear can be crafted with only 40 wood. A workbench is not necessary to craft it, unlike other spears.

Wooden spear can be upgraded into the stone spear.

Used in
New inv spear stone Stone Spear
Crab Spear Crab Spear
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