Zombie is a player-controlled mob that only spawns in Zombie Mode. Zombies were added in the Zombies Are Starving update.

New players will spawn as zombies after 3 days in a zombie mode server (when the infection starts). At night, zombies deal quite a lot of damage by hand and move much faster than players. However, during the day, zombies are slower than players, and are almost harmless against mobs, players and structures. Over time, day by day, zombies deal more damage. It does damage during the night. It does not spawn in normal mode, hunger mode, and vampires mode.


Zombies have some properties that are the same as normal players. The health and food bars drain at the same rate as other players. The cold, thirst, and oxygen bars do not decrease. Zombies regenerate their life faster at night. Mobs respond to zombies as normal (rabbits run away, wolves and spiders chase).

Zombies can eat all foods, and they don't lose life when they eat raw meat. They can wear helmets and other clothing (obtained from either a box or chest), but they cannot equip any weapons or tools. Zombies cannot craft items. They can gather basic resources like wood, berries and pumpkin. Zombies can not damage each other. They can use chests, and can steal flour from windmill and bread from bread oven. Zombies cannot lock/unlock chests, recycle items, or plant seeds. Zombies are not displayed in the leaderboard. Unlike players, zombies are immune to cold and thirst (these bars never drop). Zombies can destroy all structures by hand. At night, zombies become stronger, and their movement speed and attack strength heavily increases.

Zombies cannot have nicknames, but can still choose accessories. When chatting as a zombie, "Uuuunnngg..." is added to the start or end of your message, e. g. if you type 'Group here!", it will may display as "Uuunngg... Group here!" There is a small character limit. Survivors cannot see messages from zombies.

Super Zombies

Some zombies spawn as super zombies. They are slower but much stronger, and they have the range of a sword. However, unlike regular zombies, super zombies cannot equip helmets. Super zombies cannot gather resources; attempting to do so gives the "This is not the right tool" message. Their number in the server depends on the number of survivors alive.

Super Zombie.png

Tips & Tricks

  • Target spikes! They have much less health than doors and walls. It doesn't matter if you take a lot of damage, as you can respawn, unlike survivors. Communicate this to other zombies in the vicinity!
  • If there are no spikes, then attack doors, since survivors won't hit you with a spear through the door.
  • At day time, gather berries, try to group up with other zombies, and find survivors and their bases.
  • Players are often found near lakes,berry bushes and diamond/amethyst. Bases are common on lakes and at corners.
  • You can hide under the branches of big trees. This is good for escaping players, and hiding in a base.

More Information

For more in-depth tips and strategies for zombies, see Mnyush's In-Depth Zombies Guide.

The attack damage of a zombie is calculated by these formulas:

  • Zombies damage against players / mobs : 2 + DAY_IN_GAME
  • Zombies damage against structures : 1 + DAY_IN_GAME
  • Super zombies damage against players/mobs : 10 + 2 * DAY_IN_GAME
  • Super zombies damage against structures : 10 + 6 * DAY_IN_GAME

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